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Mancha Del Platano
Mancha Del Platano
Mancha Del Platano
Mancha Del Platano
Mancha Del Platano
Mancha Del Platano

Featured Artists

Click the below artists to see featured work and statements accompanying each piece.

We are pleased to present All Together, a group exhibition featuring twenty-one artists whose recent work exemplify the unity and inspiration that art can bring even in the most uncertain and challenging times. Opening Monday, May 18, this exhibition exists as an online feature as well as an installed show at the gallery. 

Reynolds Gallery will be donating 20% of the retail price from each sale to the CultureWorks COVID-19 Arts and Culture Relief Fund, which provides financial assistance to professional artists in the Richmond Region (more info HERE). This contribution joins a previous donation to the fund and does not impact the artists’ commission.

We asked all participating artists to provide some words about their current work – whether that be in the form of a poem or song, statement or question. Alongside these paintings, sculpture and works on paper, the collection of statements acts as a powerful, collective voice of our artists as they continue to create connections through their practice.

Digital Exhibition Catalog
Full Exhibition List
Press Release

Sandy Williams IV
Wax Monuments #01, 2020
Wax, Wick, 3D Scan of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., the Robert E. Lee Monument in Richmond, VA, and a Thomas Jefferson Monument in Charlottesville, VA
9 x 17 x 17 inches

Jack Wax
Doking – Frieze Study, 2020

Andras Bality
Monhegan Bay, 2020

Robert Stuart
Blue Bands, 2020

Barry Purcell
Pink Marsh, 2020

Andrea Donnelly
A Poem Is a Flower (Emily #1338), 2020

Katie Barrie
I’m Not Gonna Let It Stop Me From Partying, 2020

Leigh Suggs
Just The Three Of Us, 2020

Ron Johnson
Don’t Blink, 2020

Ray Kass
Sea Weave 02-13-2020, 2020

Amie Oliver
Quarantine Dream #14, 2020

Amie Oliver
Quarantine Dream #7, 2020

Sandy Williams IV
Time Travel #5 (25 Nikhil Ct), 2020

Sue Heatley
Here I Sit, 2020

Rob Carter
Untitled, 2019

Javier Tapia
The Gift, 2020

Heide Trepanier
Castoffs, 2020

Joseph Seipel
Drawing with Graffiti Sampling #1, 2020

Carlton Newton
A Cluster of Communicants, 2020

Sam Tudyk
Emergency Optimism, 2020

Sally Bowring
Early Spring, 2020

Beth Gilfilen
Wander 2, 2019

Reynolds Gallery will be open limited hours beginning Tuesday, May 19th. Our hours will be Tuesday – Friday, 11am – 4pm.