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Barry Purcell

Loving the moment
Together with your family
Killing the virus 

Pink Marsh, 2020
Archival print
27.75 x 27.75 inches

Barry Purcell creates altered perspectives in his deeply saturated photocollages. Capturing images directly from his travels, he communicates concepts deeply rooted in the moments each photograph was taken, recording the exact longitude and latitude and time, down to the second. Back in the studio, Purcell divides and rearranges a single image into various gridded patterns to reveal the latent visual patterns we often miss in nature. He states, “the fragmented images of my surroundings call attention to the beauty within the simple elements of nature: the subtle gradation of a sunset or the soft transition between the sky and sea. Although geometric and seemingly balanced by the human mind, each composition exists skewed, camouflaged by personal perspective, much like the debilitating effect we inflict on our reality.”

Purcell is a fourth-generation painter and photographer born in Virginia Beach, VA in 1973. He received his Bachelor of Science from James Madison University in 1996, Juris Doctorate and Master of Business from the University of Richmond in 2000. His work is included in the collections of Altus Realty, Washington, D.C., and Capital One in Richmond, VA. He currently resides in Richmond and Virginia Beach.