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Andras Bality

As an artist and painter during these universal difficult times, Art is always there when needed. Waiting to be consulted, made or provoked. A place to get answers, which otherwise may not have been considered.

Monhegan Bay, 2020
Oil on canvas
32 x 40 inches

Andras Bality is a modern-day impressionist, drawing inspiration from predecessors Bonnard and Van Gogh. He captures vistas across Virginia with lightness, freedom, and intensity.  Although based in realism, his paintings blur representation he applies paint to convey a scene’s energy as opposed to its accuracy.  Small, vigorous strokes build into tangible layers, transporting the viewer to vistas of Warm Springs, James River, and Page County.

Bality received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Virginia Commonwealth University and later continued his studies at the Cyprus College of Art (1986, 1987-88).  His work is in the collections of the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, the College of William and Mary, Media General, the Medical College of Virginia, Capital One, Markel Corporation, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, to name a few. He is a recipient of a Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Professional Fellowship and a Theresa Pollak Award in Visual Art (2002, 2013).