Richard Roth featured in the Huffington Post and Style Weekly

Richard Roth’s current exhibition at Reynolds Gallery, Under the Influence: New Paintings and Early Work, has received great recognition from multiple publications!  We are thrilled to share some of that press with you here.

In an interview for, artist Ridley Howard sat down with Richard Roth to discuss his current show and the arc of his painting career.  The full interview is available on and an abridged version of the piece was published in the Huffington Post.

Read the full interview for
Read the abridged version in the Huffington Post

We are also proud to share a wonderful review of Under the Influence written by Megan Zalecki and published in the February 13, 2013 issue of Style Weekly.  Megan writes that Roth’s paintings “do more than emulate movements seen in art history…they update and challenge them.”

Read the Style Weekly review by Megan Zalecki

Finally, we would like to share a review of Richard Roth’s exhibition by David R. White for Richmond Arts Review.  David provides acute commentary on the exhibition and calls Under the Influence a “must see show.”

Read the David R. White’s review for Richmond Arts Review

Richard Roth’s Under the Influence will be on view at Reynolds Gallery through February 23, 2013.