Sally Mann “Hold Still”

Congratulations to Sally Mann on the May 2015 release of her memoir, Hold Still.  Dwight Garner of the New York Times describes the work as “uncommonly beautiful.”  Mr. Garner continues, “Hold Still is a cerebral and discursive book about the South and about family and about making art that has some of the probity of Flannery O’Connor’s nonfiction collection “Mystery and Manners” yet is spiked with the wildness and plain talk of Mary Karr’s best work. Like the young Ms. Karr, Ms. Mann was a scrappy, troublemaking tomboy, one who grew into a scrappy, troublemaking, impossible-to-ignore young woman and artist.”

We are proud to count Sally as one of our own gallery artists and dear friends.

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Mann – Hold Still – NY Times Review

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