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401 Libbie Avenue
Suite 3
Richmond, Virginia 23226


We’re thrilled to announce the opening of an additional gallery at 401 Libbie Avenue! This move is one that builds on the gallery’s history of exhibiting artwork by exceptional artists for over four decades while also pushing forward the range of programming available to gallery artists, art enthusiasts and collectors.

As we expand in 2021, we double-down on our commitment to honoring and sharing our artist’s creative perspectives. We believe that art has the ability to enrich our lives, and this new space gives us an opportunity to share the artists’ expressions with more viewers. We look forward to greater flexibility in the range of works we show and holding additional events and collector parties (when the time comes). As we watch the Libbie-Grove area of Richmond thriving and growing, the new Reynolds Gallery is intended to add to the cultural fabric of the neighborhood and become a destination for anyone looking for inspiration – whether you’re a curious beginner or a seasoned collector.

Reynolds Gallery at 401 Libbie Avenue will open to the public Tuesday, March 16th. Business hours will be 10am to 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Our first exhibition is an extension of Surroundings, our current landscape exhibition in the Fan.