Philip Geiger

Philip Geiger works within the tradition of American Romantic realism, which can be traced to realism, but has deeper roots in abstract, tonal compositions. Geiger’s domestic scenes—snapshots of his friends and family in their Charlottesville homes—communicate an authentic intimacy. He doesn’t overly sentimentalize; he paints women standing with arms crossed and backs turned, seemingly oblivious to their observer. His paintings exude a tension as serene environments commingle with embedded, arrested emotions. Geiger’s unique portrayal of light lends to each work’s palpable energy, which emanates from a light bulb’s burning glow, or a window’s imposing glare. Geiger earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Washington University and Master of Fine Arts at Yale University (1978, 1980). He currently lives in Charlottesville, VA where he has been a University of Virginia art professor for over 30 years.