David Freed

David Freed’s landscapes capture the energy of nature, with all its unpredictability and imperfections. Drawing inspiration from the seasons, atmosphere, and changing weather, he adapts an intimate relationship with his subject, making paintings with a distinct perspective. Layers of etchings and mixed media techniques unite with varying hues and textures to convey an essence as opposed to accuracy. Freed’s touch and eye for color lends to the subtlety and undoubted sincerity present in each piece.

Born in 1936, his career as an artist spans over fifty years. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Miami University of Ohio and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Iowa (1962), and went on to found the printmaking department at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1966. He has been awarded numerous grants and prizes over his career, including the Fulbright Grant (1963-64), the World Print Competition (1977), the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship (1983-84), the Theresa Pollak Prize for Excellence in the Arts (2001), and the VCU Award of Distinction from the Southern Graphic Council (2009). The VCUarts Professor Emeritus currently lives in Richmond, VA.

Past Exhibitions:
Windows: For Bev
River on My Mind 
Here and There

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