Read the full article here.

“[Paul] Monroe (curator) calls him a painter’s painter who ‘painted to paint,’ making him a role model to students. ‘When people
used to ask him why he painted certain things, he’d say it was because he wanted to see the things that moved him. He just wanted
to rock his own world.’ ” – Karen Newton

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“Donato’s longtime friend and art collector Paul Monroe describes [the work] as experiments in expression. Donato applied house paint
on hollow-core doors and often cut holes in them to reveal the interior that could become yet another surface.” -Harry Kollatz Jr.

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Our pop-up exhibition in Boston is featured in StyleCarrot! Click here for the full article

Congratulation to Jiha Moon, whose recent exhibition at Reynolds Gallery, Blue Yolo, Yellow Chrysanthemum, was
reviewed in Art Papers.

“Sometimes when things are thrown together, they seem to make no sense. And it is the question of sense that
has become an arena of debate regarding Jiha Moon’s succulent, multifarious paintings, drawings, and ceramics.” – Dinah Ryan

Art Papers July/August 2016

A seemingly effortless gesture is choreographed into an emptied field

Art in Print, 2016

by Faye Hirsch, from Volume 5, Number 6

Edition Review

Steadily building a notable oeuvre in prints, the New York-based artist Jill Moser has been working in various mediums at studios around the city and beyond over the past five years. Whether large screen prints or small etchings, her abstract prints are recognizable in the finesse with which a seemingly effortless gesture is choreographed into an emptied field. Loser’s marks veritably breeze into view, full of light and air. Three intaglios made late last winter at Wingate Studio in New Hampshire, during what proprietors Peter Pettengill describes as “pouring snow,” are among Moser’s most lovely. Over flats of color aquatint, Moser composed a wide, porous, brushstroke-like gesture in soap ground. Pettengill reports the work as deceptive in its look of spontaneity. In fact, Moser cannily manipulated the soap medium, allowing it to set, thick and thin, so that in the second plate, the “gesture” is in fact a negative activating the entire field. Over this she printed a third plate in spit bite with a more saturated color. The palette is lush, with one in pink and reds, a second in yellow and silver, and a third in violet and silver. Maybe it was the snowy days, but there prints feel hushed and personal, with the stroke dominating the small square format while remaining weightless- an admirable feat.


Tara Donovan, Richard Roth, and Leigh Suggs exhibitions featured in Style Weekly article
by Amanda Dalla Villa Adams.

“In many ways, Donovan, Roth and Suggs are connected by their analog sensibility, as each emphasizes the handmade, repetitive processes, standardized forms, history and traditional studio practice. The process of making is essential. Perhaps this sensibility begins to get at the appeal behind the art. In a fast-paced world where the only guarantee is instability, market volatility and constant change, alluringly subtle works such as these stop the passerby — not just for a pause, but to hold the viewer’s attention for a moment or two before plunging people back into their frenetic realities of busyness.”

Preview: VCU Artists Tara Donovan, Richard Roth and Leigh Suggs at Reynolds Gallery


“When reading Sally Mann’s writing or hearing her speak — in exhibition catalogs, documentary films or her acclaimed recent memoir, Hold Still — she has a way of making you feel like you’re sitting at the farm, listening to her craft her stories and shape her own identity.” — Amanda Dalla Villa Adams

Flowing Back: Sally Mann – Style Weekly

Almost Famous & Tongue In Cheek – Style Weekly

Ron Johnson – Artpulse Magazine

Amy Feldman – ARTFORUM

“Using Pantone colors of acrylic and house paint, the artist’s process is spontaneous and evolving while he layers bright colors of summer, inevitably painting over something from earlier.  Following his intention to keep things loose, colors are allowed to blend where they want to blend.  He self-edits, trying something and then rearranging elements.” – Karen Newton

Balancing Act – HENSE – Style Weekly


Sonya Clark featured in R Homes – Richmond Homes, Gardens, and Entertaining; September/ October 2013.

Richmond Homes, Gardens and Entertaining – R Home


“The pieces in Allen’s show, all recently created, continue his tradition of generating works from mass-produced, cultural touchstone items such as vinyl records, postage stamps, film stock, trading cards and comic books. A number of the works are large in scale and, according to gallery director Bev Reynolds, ‘challenge the division between sculpture and painting.’ “

-Jo Lord
“Guggenheim winner Siemon Allen’s works on display at Reynolds”
Richmond Times Dispatch
Jan., 2014

Full Article

Amanda Dalla Villa Adams of Style Weekly reviews Siemon Allen’s 2014 solo exhibition at Reynolds Gallery.

Full Article

Please take a moment to read Karen Newton’s insightful review Sally Bowring’s latest exhibition at Reynolds Gallery, Local Paradise. Bowring states “Local Paradise celebrates the small moments of the day. It expands on my ideas about domesticity in a formal rather than personal way. These references to the world around me are an architectural vehicle that lends structure to the work.”

Full Article

“International imagery outshines language at Reynolds Gallery”

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words | Arts and Culture | Style Weekly – Richmond, VA local news, arts, and events.

“Acclaimed sound artist Stephen Vitiello brings a Florida island to the Reynolds Gallery”

Open Window | Arts and Culture | Style Weekly – Richmond, VA local news, arts, and events.

Digging for Meaning

A colorful exhibition of work by the late Richmond artist Cindy Neuschwander provides a soulful benediction.

by Edwin Slipek

Style Weekly_Neuschwander_April 2013

“Veteran painter Richard Roth gets back to abstraction, keeping things lively at Reynolds Gallery”

Shape Shifter by Megan Zalecki – Style Weekly, February 13, 2013 

Glass Menagerie – Style Weekly, November 14, 2012


Great piece on Sally Mann’s current show at Edwynn Houk Gallery in New York. Sally’s work will be on view at Reynolds Gallery as part of our group exhibition Refracting Light this November.

Sally Mann – The New Yorker, October 8, 2012

Amy Feldman at Blackston – Art in America, October 2012


“The juxtaposition of non-native flora in one space, in exaggerated sizes and gouging color, results in a sort of botanical surrealism. But for all the crowding of forms and jostling energy, [Blum’s] work still draws viewers in, leaving them feeling as if the trumpet flower could be inhabited or the stamen climbed.”

-Amy Ritchie
“Motion Capture”
Style Weekly, Oct. 3, 2012

Full Article

Amy Ritchie gives a thought provoking and eloquent review of Reynolds Gallery’s summer shows “Almost Famous” and “Summer Solstice” in the current issue of Style Weekly.

A Midsummer Arts Dream – Style Weekly, August 1, 2012

Alfred Mac Adam reviews Jill Moser’s recent exhibition at Lennon, Weinberg gallery in New York.   Stop by the gallery to see her beautiful work in Richmond!

Jill Moser – ArtNews, 2012

Read Roberta Smith’s excellent review of Amy Feldman’s solo exhibition “Dark Selects” in New York.  Feldman was the 2008-2009 VCU Fountainhead Fellow in Painting & Printmaking, and her exhibition at Reynolds Gallery was as Smith describes: “promising”.   Feldman began the series of work in “Dark Selects” while in Richmond, and we are proud to see her talent thrive and develop.

Roberta Smith, “Amy Feldman – Dark Selects”, The New York Times

D. Dominick Lombardi reviews Ron Johnson’s solo exhibition at Gary Snyder Projects in New York for ArtSlant.  Johnson has exhibited at Reynolds Gallery since 2004, and he received his MFA from VCU.   His work continues to push the possibility of transparency, layering, and abstraction.

D. Dominick Lombardi, “Dam That Paint!”, ArtSlant  

Ron Johnson’s Between Surface and Ray Kass’ Forming Surface reviewed in Art Papers, May/June 2012


Great Prints – Style Weekly, 2012

Reynolds Gallery exhibition Forming Surface reviewed in Style Weekly, January 2012

Reynolds Gallery exhibition Graffiti Maps reviewed in Style Weekly, November 2011

Reynolds Gallery exhibition Great Prints reviewed in Style Weekly, 1999

David Freed reviewed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch

Blue Heat, 2008-2009

Paul Ryan reviewed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch


The Washington Post: Teresita Fernández at Reynolds Gallery



Isabel Bigelow’s solo exhibition at Sears Peyton Gallery featured in Art in America, 2008.

Full Article




James Prosek reviewed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2009


Sally Mann. Art in America. cover. april 2011

Sally Mann – Art in America – Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Exhibition

Sally Mann Art Papers Review

Fountainebleau, Louisiana, 1998 / 2010
Silver gelatin print
24 x 30 inches
Edition 10