Joseph Scheer

Scheer catalogs the wonder of nature through span print media, video, and web based projects. His work plays off the intrinsic human need to explore and discover the natural world; biophilia, or the innate attachment human beings have to other living things, Scheer says, this is a theme central to his art. However Scheer’s work is not only representational, it is also scientific, as he explains his artwork as a dialog with the natural sciences. Scheer specifically chooses subjects, such as moths, that are interesting, diverse, and often little known. He uses digital scanning technology to create high resolution images that reveal exquisite details indiscernible to the naked eye. Scheer expresses the intent behind his hyper-real focus in a recent statement: “There is an incredible reality that we are now able to see that reveals the beauty along with the monstrosity of moths with all their preposterous hair and scales. Their beauty becomes a totally different kind – a sort of repulsive, disquieting beauty. These images may be of insects half a centimeter long that become 3′ by 4′ when enlarged and printed.” In addition to digital scanning, Scheer is skilled in other printmaking techniques such as woodcut. His cactus woodcuts series utilizes light and shadow, making the plants appear almost three dimensional as they emerge from desert landscapes.

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