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Janet DeCover

Janet DeCover paints dynamic, abstract compositions, where color-fields flow and interact with sketches, dotted lines, and abstracted forms. DeCover was an adept colorist; bold hues mingle and merge without tendency toward murkiness, and the colors maintain transparency despite the depth of saturation. Her marks—broken gestures, wonky tables, and doodle-like forms—uphold gravity despite their apparent blithe application. Black, amorphous forms often ground the work, disturbing the overall picture plane and contrasting vibrant backgrounds. The black shapes fluctuate, appearing to recede from the color, and yet simultaneously moving forward toward the viewer. This push-pull relationship echoes DeCover’s whimsical yet intensely curated approach, challenging our perception of the visual world.

DeCover earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University (1971). Her work is in the collections of Markel Corporation, Ethyl Corporation, Federal Reserve Bank, and Capital One, all Richmond, VA, and numerous private collections. The founder and co-owner of Main Art in Richmond passed away in 2015.

Curriculum Vitae