Rob Carter

My paintings often begin with small watercolor sketches that distill subtle relationships between elemental geometric forms within the built environment, and the dramatic interplay of light and color that enhances these forms. Especially when rendered on a larger scale, I hope these images will encourage viewers to look more attentively at the landscape and thereby deepen their perception of both familiar and newly discovered terrain.

Untitled, 2019
Oil on canvas
18.25 x 24 inches

Rob Carter paints the scenes from his travels and landscapes from his own memories, reimagining his own landscape through oil on canvas works and postcard-sized watercolors on paper. His strokes lead us through the hills of Tuscany, Spanish villas, Virginia barns and the coast of California. A true colorist, he juxtaposes fiery oranges with rich emeralds, conveying a sunset’s glow against a Spanish rooftop or a tree’s brightly colored shift from summer to fall. Each of his works express a mood and intention through color, harking back to the practice of past impressionists.

Rob Carter is Professor Emeritus in Communication Arts and Design at Virginia Commonwealth University, School of the Arts. He received his BFA degree from the University of Utah, and MFA from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He is author and designer of 15 internationally published books on typography, book design, and graphic design, including Typographic Design: Form and Communication which, after 36 years, continues as one of the discipline’s most influential texts. Carter currently lives and works in Richmond, Virginia.