Tommy White

Metaphorically, my paintings explore relationships between environment, psyche, and one’s ability to rationalize.  Environment is characterized by any tangible force affecting an individual’s physical and/or conscious/unconscious self.  The monochromatic fields and grids depict this.  Psyche is represented by the lyrically ornate, complex black and white imagery.  These disparate elements attempt to develop a sense of harmony and poise.  Upon further examination, one can recognize that the environment is slightly off-kilter, positioning the psyche to seek balance.  By amassing and manipulating accessories of value (perceived or actual), a psychological and rational remedy is sought.  This might resemble the positioning weights on a scale … or how children of different sizes maneuver on a teeter-totter to achieve equilibrium. 

White was born in Detroit and received his Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Clemson University and a Bachelor of Arts in Ceramics from Michigan State University (1993, 1989). He has exhibited nationally and internationally at galleries including Mai Wyn Fine Art, Denver, CO; The Art Store, Charleston, WV; Wichita Falls Museum of Art, Wichita Falls, TX; Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia; Gallery Ho, Seoul, South Korea; 1708 Gallery and Artspace Galleries, both, Richmond, VA. His work is held in the collections of  Mobile Museum of Art in Alabama, Crayola Corporation, and Capital One Corporation, among others. White currently lives and works in Denver, CO.